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The Best of Christian Biblical Counseling

Kellemen’s Christian The Best Of Guide
The Best of Christian Biblical Counseling Associations

Kellemen’s Christian The Best of Guide: Making your life easier by finding, summarizing, evaluating, and posting the best resources on a wide variety of topics from a Christian perspective.

The Best of Christian Biblical Counseling Associations

*American Association of Christian Counseling: http://www.aacc.net/

The AACC is the largest counseling association of any type, any where in the world with nearly 50,000 members. Their web site offers links to resources, conferences, articles, links to counselors and counseling agencies, and much more.

*The Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Formation Network:

The BCSFN is a division of the AACC (I am a co-director). The web site provides resources for pastors, lay people, and Christian/biblical counselors including a daily blog, free resources, conferences, book reviews, and much more. The BCSFN seeks to build bridges of connection through positive presentations of biblical counseling that leads to formation into the image of Christ.

*Black African American Christian Counselors:

The BAACC is a division of the AACC. It seeks to equip counselors to understand intercultural issues that impact ministry and to suggest ways to enrich services for our ethnically diverse society from a Christian perspective.

*The Society for Christian Psychology:

The SCP is a division of the AACC. It seeks to equip believers to understand psychology from a thoroughly Christian perspective. Their web site offers resources, a weekly blog, articles, conferences, and more.

*Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries:

FBCM is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church in Lafayette, Indiana. For over three decades, Faith has been leading the way in equipping lay people and pastors to be biblical counselors. Their web site offers information on numerous conferences around the country, plus resources for biblical counseling.

*The Christian Counseling and Education Foundation: http://www.ccef.org/

The CCEF seeks to restore Christ to counseling and to restore counseling to the church. Their web site includes numerous books and conferences, along with frequently updated articles on life issues.

*The Association of Biblical Counselors: http://www.christiancounseling.com/

The ABC is the “new kid on the block,” having been launched five years ago to provide equipping in biblical counseling. Their web site offers resources, articles, links to certified counselors, links to blogs, and much more. Their national and regional conferences equip lay people and pastors to speak the truth in love.

*National Association of Nouthetic Counseling: http://www.nanc.org/

The NANC provides training and certification for nouthetic (from a Greek word used in the New Testament meaning to confront out of concern for change) biblical counselors. They host conferences around the country to equip pastors and lay people. Their web site lists certified counselors and provides resources and links for biblical counseling.

*RPM Ministries: www.rpmministries.org

RPM Ministries is my ministry. I seek to equip God’s people to change lives with Christ changeless truth through Christ-centered, comprehensive, compassionate, and culturally-informed biblical counseling and spiritual formation. The web site includes links, free resources, articles, book reviews, a blog, quotes of notes, and much more.

Important Stuff

*Your Guide: Bob Kellemen, Ph.D., LCPC, is the Founder and CEO of RPM Ministries (www.rpmministries.org) through which he writes, speaks, and consults to equip God’s people to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth. He blogs daily at http://rpmministries.blogspot.com.

*My Necessary Disclaimer: Of course, I don’t endorse everything in every article, book, or link that you’ll find in Kellemen’s Christian The Best of Guide. I report, you decide.

*Your Suggestions Are Welcomed: Feel free to post comments and/or send emails (rpm.ministries@gmail.com) about resources that you think deserve attention in various categories covered in Kellemen’s Christian The Best of Guide.

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