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An Incredible Contribution to the Body of Christ

US Army Chaplain Donald W. Eubank’s Review of
Soul Physicians
“An Incredible Contribution to the Body of Christ”

Dr. Robert Kellemen's “Soul Physicians” is an incredible contribution to the Body of Christ—especially for pastors, counselors, and spiritual directors who seek to base their counsel and ministry on the Word of God. With so much of the published material on soul-care and self-care based upon clinical models and performance/activism based recovery and living, it is refreshing to find a thorough model based upon a Biblical-Trinitarian understanding of the Word of God.

Especially helpful are the study questions at the end of each chapter, providing the pastor, student, counselor, reader the opportunity to reflect upon and apply what is being learned. Dr. Kellemen takes his reader into an honest, thorough, and loving examination of the truth of God's Word that stands against all the secular, narcissistic and self-critical voices that tear down believers.

With great compassion, the pastor-student-spiritual leader, reader is brought to the Cross of Christ and given the tools to believe the only voice that matters, the only truth that matters: His Voice, His Word.

I have personally benefited greatly from Dr. Kellemen's work, and am incorporating this model of Sustaining, Healing, Reconciling and Guiding into my preaching, teaching, counseling, graduate studies, and writing. Most of all, I am growing in God's grace, and believing in His great love, forgiveness, and healing work in my own heart.

I strongly recommend this book, and the companion study, “Spiritual Friends,” for all who seek to encourage other believers—especially pastors and Christian counselors.

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In Christian Service and Ministry,

Donald W. Eubank, US Army Chaplain

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Debra Lake Roberts said...

Incredible Book Review on an Incredible book! I agree it is superb!